In line with company policy of investment and improving cost management efficiency, we have recently taken delivery of four new Volvo FMX 8x4, 12 speed Trucks. Two of these will be based at our Crimplesham site to cover our business in the northern area of operation and two at our Waterbeach site covering business in our southern area.

Frimstone Limited now has 42 trucks in the vehicle fleet and miles per gallon is extremely important in controlling our costs. The new trucks are expected to increase the MPG by 20%. Each truck is fitted with the Volvo Dyna Fleet telematics linked into the engine management system which gives instant driver information on fuel consumption and how often the Truck is left idling. This is expected to deliver a further 4% saving.
For the more technically minded, the engine is a DC13 C380 13 litre diesel engine working at 380hp at 14-1900 revolutions per minute. The Trucks have a 12 speed i-shift gear box and each is set up for Construction use and fitted with Thompson Loadmaster Lite steel bodies.
The drivers who received the new trucks in this round of purchases were Glen Busby - Wisbech, Johnny Williams - Crimplesham, Trevor Short - Alconbury and Paul Smith - Waterbeach.
Disposal of the old trucks is obviously very important and Transport Manager Dave Smart has been working very closely with Gordon and the team at AEC in outing the least cost effective trucks. These trucks are not necessarily the oldest ones on the fleet. The proactive work that AEC does with monthly servicing and inspections ensures that by analysing and identifying under-performing trucks, the cost of repairs and state of bodywork that we achieve maximum performance and efficiency.

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