Frimstone Ltd’s Workshop Manager, Will Simper, has been with the Company for over 15 years. We caught up with him in the Crimplesham Workshop to find out more about his journey with the Company so far, and what motivates him in his role.


Will first joined the Company as an Apprentice from King’s Lynn College as a fresh-faced 16-year-old, and scooping Student of the Year 2005 during his course put him in good stead to lead the team several years later.


Like any average sixteen-year-old boy, the large trucks and machinery of the Frimstone fleet drew him to the role, as well as the prospect of having a varied work-load dependant on the fleet’s repair and maintenance requirements. Since beginning, Will insists that he doesn’t have an average day; with one day to the next never being the same.


The ever-expanding fleet means that Will has a constant flow of vehicle servicing, repairs and maintenance booked in. With the Workshop being situated at the Frimstone Head Office, Will is submerged within all aspects of the Company; and enjoys liaising with the Transport department daily, as well as every other department that passes by.


Will’s proudest moment of working at the Company was progressing into being promoted to Workshop Manager. After spending the majority of his working life within the Company, this was an aspiration of his, and one that he is grateful to have reached.


Looking back on his experiences, Will always remembers a humorous moment he shared with Matt the Operations Manager. On a site visit, Matt was convinced that a lost gauge was in fact not lost at all. Determined to prove the site wrong, he strolled off to find it, before accidentally disappearing up to his knees in a pile of sand!


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