Operations Manager, Matt, is one of the longest-serving employees of the mineral extraction company, Frimstone Ltd, clocking 29 years at the firm! After being awarded his HGV licence, Matt jumped at the chance to work for the local business as a lorry driver, before progressing into the Operations function of the business.


As well as his usual day-to-day tasks of organising plant and site staff, and monitoring the digs at site to ensure best quality material production, Matt is also currently managing the Stody Reservoir project, of which the aim is to create a 45 million-gallon reservoir by extracting the mineral from the ground.


Being an obsessive golfer, Matt enjoys nothing more than heading out onto the course after a long day at work and hitting balls to alleviate stress; he also loves to get involved in the Company’s annual golf day in September where possible. Although the golf day may be the highlight of his year at Frimstone Ltd, Matt says that he loves having the option in his role to change scenery from office work to jumping onto the loading shovel at site and helping the guys out to move loads where needed.


If he doesn’t win the lottery within the next five years to give him the option to move to Spain, Matt hopes to be working his way into the 30’s of his Frimstone Ltd career, and if given the option, would love to jump back into driving a lorry again!


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