Whether as the protective layer for a stunning pond or water feature, a charming play area for your children, or to easily mix mortar and concrete for a grand building project, we’ve got you covered when it comes to sand. Here you’ll find both sharp sand and washed building sand which have some distinct differences.

Sharp sand, sometimes called coarse sand is perfect for laying patios, and other external paving jobs. This gritty sand has numerous applications in building and is also great as a gardening tool - helping to make clay soils more hospitable.

Building sand (sometimes called soft sand) is better suited for mixing, to create mortar, used for bricklaying or rendering.

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  1. Sharp Sand
    Sharp Sand

    Sharp sand is often referred to as concreting sand or course sand and is ideal for laying block paving and patios. It is 0-4mm in size and is a rough sand with a high percentage of large grain. Please check our delivery requirements and if we deliver to your area using the postcode checker below, before placing an order.

    Please note: Delivery will be made on a Hi-ab vehicle which requires 2.6m minimum for access. The arm on this vehicle can reach between 6-8m, varying on access & obstacles. *This is a building material, and we cannot guarantee the colour of the material. This material is not designed to be used as a decorative product. 

    £42.00 per Bag
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