Skilled, experienced and equipped with state of the art plant, machinery and equipment, through our Group Integrated Partners we provide total Demolition solutions on a Principal Contractor or Sub-Contractor basis.

Having worked in partnership with the Construction Industries leading developers, on projects of varying scale and complexity, our partners' know exactly what is required. Each job is meticulously planned, managed and executed, meeting the highest industry standards of service and safety.

Their previous works span an array of sectors, incorporating Explosive, Mechanical and Soft-Strip Demolition, and can be supported by any one of a number of our other complimentary Contracting services, allowing them to pass on any savings for recyclable materials recovered.

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  • Conventional & Soft Strip
  • Dismantling & Asset Recovery
  • High Reach & Explosive
  • Asbestos Management

As one of the UK’s leading conventional Demolition specialists, our Integrated Group Partners are experts when it comes to the mechanical removal of traditional construction structures such as concrete and steel frames, or load bearing masonry.

Their Soft-Strip service will remove all furnishings, partitions, walls, ceilings and fittings systematically. Any harmful materials exposed, will also be removed at this stage.

Whether the site is considered sensitive, live or dormant, urban or rurally located, occupied or not, our Integrated Group Partners offer wide-ranging demolition solutions to approach each case in isolation.

They can make contingencies for close proximity dwellings or residents that could include; structural dismantling, scaffolding, sound and visual attenuation screening, as well as dust and vibration prevention techniques to minimalize the impact.

In addition, their specialist team visit site to assess the potential value in recovering assets that may otherwise be scrapped.

The portfolio of high-profile developments that our Integrated Group Partners have completed Demolition works on has included multiple high-rise and multi-storey structures over and above the reach of standard equipment.

Within their fleet, they are armed with a number of high-reach excavators which can work up to heights of 31-metres and carrying attachments up to 3 tonnes.

In some instances, controlled demolition is the most appropriate option, especially in the case of high rise buildings and industrial structures. They can even provide strategic hydro or super quiet explosive demolition, completing all the necessary assessments and liaison ahead of any activity.

Asbestos removal typically represents up to 40 per cent of the cost of a demolition project, but hazardous materials can have more than just financial implications. Our Integrated Group Partners provide clients with a comprehensive asbestos management service for complete peace of mind.

From site inspection and surveys to stripping and disposal, their Environmental team is fully accredited by the HSE to test, manage and complete works for non-licensed, notifiable non-licensed and licensed Asbestos and Asbestos Contaminated Materials (ACMs).


For what was a particularly complex Demolition project, they made it look very simple, handling all requirements in a thoroughly professional manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending their Demolition services.