Watering Products

Watering Products

We’re passionate about healthy gardens. To keep your garden blooming vividly, to feed your delicious vegetables or just to shower a muddy dog, we’ve especially selected a complete range of high-quality watering equipment, for your convenience, utility and pleasure.

The difference between water simply spouting from a hose and shooting out of an intricate spray gun or lance, offering you complete control over the flow and pressure of the water is massive – saving you both time and energy, and making watering your garden a real joy.

To make dealing with a long length of hose convenient and simple, a hose cart is the ideal implement. From fast reel to auto-reel – your time and efforts are better spent, rather than chasing around your garden after a muddled length of hose.

Leaky hose? Snapped connector? Faulty nozzle? Relax. Our complete range of watering hose accessories will get you up and running, enjoying your garden again in no time at all.

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